Chronterra, LLC is an industry-defining provider of innovative and interactive software solutions for the global education market.

As the need for digital educational products becomes more apparent, there is now, a unique tool for displaying history and social science subject matter.

Chronterra’s cloud-based products offer the ability to access factual content in an intuitive and engaging display.’s unique interface provides data with no loss of context, allowing both students and educators to focus on the impact and meaning of information, rather than rote memorization.

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  • Dynamic Display: Fully interactive map and timeline interface.
  • Context: Every data point naturally displays its geographical and chronological context.
  • Reliability: Information is provided with citations, allowing users to check sources or pursue deeper understanding.
  • Custom Tools: Create your own timelines for lectures, or create them as a class activity.
  • Content connectivity: Trade created timelines via email, subscribe to other users’ creations.